Dental implants are an excellent solution for replacing missing teeth. They can be used to support a variety of restorations, giving you the feeling and appearance of flawless, natural teeth. Unlike other tooth replacement options, an implant-supported restoration will allow you to speak, eat, and laugh out loud with confidence. You can enjoy the security of knowing that your dentures are firmly in place, and they are not going to slip, slide, or fall out. With improved chewing efficiency, greater biting pressure, and ultimate comfort you will be able to eat anything that you want, free of pain or embarrassment.

Improved stability

An overdenture, supported by a few dental implants, is a wonderful alternative to the traditional design of dentures. The stability of your teeth has a dramatic effect on your ability to chew your food properly and pronounce certain words clearly. According to studies, wearing overdentures can help an individual achieve better phonetics and chewing efficiency.

You can enjoy corn on the cob, a good steak, or healthy raw fruits and vegetables such as salad or apples, comfortably. The confidence, esthetic, and health benefits of overdentures can last for many years to come!

Beautiful smiles

You might be wondering how natural dental implants and overdentures will look. The denture teeth are designed using advanced esthetic principles such as symmetry and the rule of proportions, and they are made of the finest cosmetic materials, for a result that is truly indiscernible from real teeth.

Preserve your jawbone

There is one more, every important benefit of dental implants. In addition to the obvious effects on lost teeth, there is an insidious but destructive process known as bone resorption. That means the jawbone slowly melts away, due to lack of stimulation from the tooth root.

Patient Educational Video on Dental Implants

Dental implants mimic the action of natural roots, dramatically reducing bone deterioration and restoration, preserving your jawbone. This helps prevent the loss of bone height and eventual changes in facial contours that are common to denture wearers, it can also prevent some wrinkling and signs of premature aging.

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