Dental Implant Pain, What’s Typical & When to Get Help

Dental implants are the closest thing you will get to your natural teeth. Dental implant restorations are structurally designed to mimic your natural tooth from the crown to the root. Once a dental implant is in place, it feels, acts, and performs like the tooth you just lost.

How Painful is Dental Implant Procedure in Scarborough ON Area

Installing a dental implant involves a surgical procedure to install a titanium screw-like post into your jawbone. Any surgery will likely cause a bundle of nerves, and you might want to know whether the dental implant treatment is painful. What is normal, and when should you inform your dentist? If curious, keep reading as Esquire Dental Centres explains what to expect after dental implant surgery.

Pain is normal for 24-72 hours after dental treatment

You are unlikely to experience pain when the implant is placed in your jawbone. Before incising your gums and bone, your dentist administers anesthesia (sometimes sedation) to eliminate pain and discomfort.

However, pain after the procedure is expected after the numbing and sedation wear off. Your dentist will prescribe pain medication to manage your pain. Also, we recommend applying ice on your cheeks at 10-minute intervals to minimize pain and swelling.

Your pain should subside after three days. Still, you may notice signs of bruising, swelling, and inflammation in the surgical site, but this shouldn’t worry you. These signs will become less severe over time. After 7-10 days, your mouth should feel less tender, and you can brush the area without much discomfort.

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When should you worry

If everything heals as it should, your implant should heal after two weeks. While you may feel tenderness at the implant site after slight pressure, bruising and pain shouldn’t be there. If you notice the symptoms below, it’s not normal, and you should talk to your dentist.

  • Pain and discomfort after 1-2 weeks of surgery
  • Fever
  • Continued swelling
  • Excessive bleeding a few hours after the procedure
  • Nausea
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The signs above could indicate infection, allergic reaction to metal, or an improperly fitted implant, among many complications. It’s important to notify your dentist immediately to devise corrective care to save your implant and oral health.

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