Closure Notice due to COVID - 19

In keeping with Public health recommendations, and to keep our patients, staff and community safe our practice will be closed until further notice.

Updates will be made as the situation progresses.

Please be safe!
Dr. Awadalla and Team

Pediatric Dentistry

We welcome patients of all ages at our family friendly offices. Children grow and develop quickly, and excellent dental care can establish a lifelong pattern of good oral health. We strive to make dentistry fun for the little ones, helping them avoid the anxiety that plagues many adults who had unpleasant dental experiences early in life.

When To See A Dentist

Many people assume that dental care can wait until the teeth are fully developed. However, the Canadian Dental Association recommends that all infants see a dentist by the age of one year, or within six months of the first tooth, whichever comes first.

Early care is essential for several reasons. One of the most important is education. We can answer your questions, show you the proper technique for cleaning your child’s teeth, and help you develop good habits. Additionally, it is important to detect any problems early, allowing quick, gentle, and inexpensive treatment.

What To Expect

The first few visits will be largely educational. As your child grows, we may recommend preventive procedures such as dental sealants or fluoride treatments. We will monitor his or her oral development and recommend corrective or restorative procedures when appropriate.

Many people assume that primary teeth are unimportant because they are temporary. However, they serve a very important function, preserving space for the adult teeth as the jaw develops. Additionally, your child will have these baby teeth for many years. The last ones are usually lost around the age of 12. That is a long time to suffer with the pain and embarrassment that come with cavities, broken teeth, and other dental problems.

At Home Care

Keeping your child’s smile healthy and happy is a team effort. Your dentist and hygienist are important members of that team, but not the only members. You play a crucial role in your child’s oral health. We will help you understand what causes common childhood problems such as baby bottle decay, and how these conditions can be avoided with good hygiene and nutrition.

The caring, compassionate team at Esquire Dental Centres is your family’s partners in great oral health, and together we can give your little one a reason to smile!