Regain your confidence when you work with your Scarborough ON implants dentist for tooth replacement

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Young Woman Having Dental Checkup

Tooth loss has an enormous impact on your appearance, your level of confidence, and on your oral health. If even a single tooth is lost or must be removed, we work quickly to find the most suitable replacement. Today, one of the best options patients in Scarborough ON have is dental implants. To consult with an experienced dentist in this area or in Pickering or North York, contact Esquire Dental Centres.

Historically, tooth replacement treatments have focused on restoring form and function by replacing missing tooth structure. Bridges and dentures have been extremely useful, and are in some cases still a viable option today. Due to the focus on root replacement, dental implants can achieve a far greater degree of comfort and stability than has ever been possible.

Dental implants are tiny posts constructed from high quality titanium. In a simple procedure that is made comfortable with local anesthetic, implants are placed into the jawbone. Here, they take the place of the missing root. Soon after the insertion of implants, bone tissue grows around the posts, which secures them into place.

The integration of implants into bone tissue has multiple advantages. The most obvious benefit of implants is that the artificial tooth, bridge, or denture will feel very natural. A less noticeable but very important advantage that root replacement with implants provides is bone stabilization. Tooth loss sets into motion the loss of bone tissue in the jaw. This is due to a lack of stimulation in the absence of the tooth’s root. When the missing tooth and its root are replaced, the stimulation needed by the jawbone is restored. This may seem a small matter but, in reality, bone loss is a major issue that can lead to a sunken in appearance and further tooth loss.

We have seen the life changing effects of dental implant treatment first-hand, and it warms our hearts to see patients feel confident in their smiles. Many people treated with dental implants have rediscovered confidence to speak, laugh, smile, and eat as they did before tooth loss occurred.

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