Scarborough patients ask, “What is the benefit of Dental implants”

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Describing What is Dental Implant

Missing teeth can wreck your confidence and self-esteem, causing you to hide a less-than-ideal smile. Missing teeth not only affect appearance, but also your bite, what you eat, and your speech. Dental implants offered at Esquire Dental Centres make it easier for Scarborough residents to improve their smiles and overall oral health.

You can lose one or more teeth to decay, gum disease, or injury. At one time, the only option was to pull damaged teeth and replace them with bridges or dentures. Today, dental implants offer a more comfortable, stable, longer-lasting option for patients.

A natural tooth is made up of a root and a crown. A dental implant is a strong, long-lasting replacement consisting of three parts:

  • A titanium post replaces the root part of your tooth. Once it’s placed, it fuses with the bone in your jaw over time to provide a strong foundation for your artificial tooth. The healing process for this first step can take several months.
  • An abutment is placed on the titanium post. It’s a connector designed to securely hold the new tooth. Your gums will need to heal for up to two weeks before the artificial tooth can be attached.
  • A crown is attached to the abutment to complete the new tooth. The size and shape of the crown is based on impressions made of the area. The color of the new tooth is matched to the color of existing teeth for a natural-looking appearance.

If you need to replace several missing teeth or all of your teeth, your team at Esquire Dental Centres will discuss other implant options such as an implant-supported bridge or denture.

Dental implants do more than improve the appearance of your smile. They improve your overall oral health. Scarborough residents considering dental restoration should call Esquire Dental Centres at 416 203-1434 to set up a consultation.


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