When seeking affordable care, it pays to consider the benefits of dental implants in Pickering

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Providing Affordable Dental Implant

Esquire Dental Centres serves patients from Scarborough, North York, Pickering, and more with excellent options for dental care. Tooth loss is one of many concerns our team treats daily. When discussing the details of affordable treatment options, we encourage patients to consider the various points of dental implants and the potential alternatives before deciding on the best form of treatment. If you live in the Pickering area, our dentists can provide you with the in-depth information you seek for optimal results.

There are two ways in which dental implants are used to restore smiles. These prosthetics can be paired with a single dental crown to replace one missing tooth. It is also possible to top an implant with a bridge or to insert several implants in such a manner as to support a full denture appliance. After a tooth has been lost, it is best to fill the gap promptly in order to avoid further concerns such as misalignment.

Though a very common choice for tooth replacement, dental implants are actually the “new kid on the block” in restorative dentistry. For decades, missing teeth have been replaced with appliances like the dental bridge and the full denture. Each form of treatment can restore a fair amount of structure and function as well as a natural look. What they cannot do, however, is replace the missing tooth root. For this reason, the results achieved with bridges and dentures are somewhat limited in comparison to what is possible with dental implants.

Due to the fact that implants are technically artificial roots, this form of care does what hasn’t been done before, it replicates the natural oral structure. By doing this, implants set the stage for the highest degree of stability for the chosen restoration, either a crown, bridge, or denture. The structural integrity of implants also leads to the longest lasting results. With good oral care just like that given to natural teeth, implants can last decades.

Affordable options for tooth replacement exist. When considering implants and their alternatives, it pays to consider the long-term results that come from each type of treatment. Learn about your options for tooth replacement at one of the Esquire Dental Centres conveniently located offices.


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