Your best smile is restored with dental implants treatment with your dentist in Pickering, ON

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Losing a permanent tooth can be very distressing. If one or more teeth have been lost or extracted, the focus turns to replacement. Missing teeth not only affect the way you look, but also the efficiency of your chewing and speech, and even your level of oral health in general.

There are now several options from which to choose when a tooth or teeth need to be replaced. We believe that our patients deserve the very best results, which is why we encourage dental implants treatment in our offices in Pickering, Scarborough, and North York, ON.

Some of the most common options for tooth replacement include:

  • Dental bridge and crown work has been used to replace one or more teeth for many decades. This appliance has been deemed suitable when a healthy tooth exists on each side of the gap. A dental bridge is affixed to these teeth, which anchor an artificial tooth that sits on the gums in the empty space. The problems with bridgework are that two healthy teeth must be modified, and those teeth are continually placed under excessive stress because they must absorb more of the pressure of chewing.
  • Conventional dentures remain a common choice of patients for tooth replacement. Viewed as tried and true for more than a century, conventional denture treatment is not without its limitations. As dentistry has developed, improvements have been made to dentures in terms of materials and techniques. However, because dentures lie on top of the gums, this form of treatment continues to have disadvantages.

The dental implant difference

Dental implants have been used as a form of tooth replacement for more than three decades. This treatment has continued to gain the attention of patients as its success rate is proven repeatedly. Implants differ from other forms of tooth replacement in their design to restore full function. Full function is achieved when the root, as well as the missing tooth is replaced.

Tooth replacement with dental implants provides stability, longevity, and beauty. To regain total confidence in your smile, contact Esquire Dental Centres today.


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