The best tooth replacement option for patient health and long-term satisfaction

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Providing Best Tooth Replacement

An effective replacement for a patient who has lost a tooth is vital to a person’s self-image and contributes positively to his or her oral health. Technology today offers better dental options to patients than in years past. A person who experiences loss a tooth may dread the thought of replacement with cumbersome and ill-fitting appliances such as traditional partials or even bridges. Dental implants are an ideal, long-term solution because they provide outstanding benefits to the patient. With a painless surgical procedure performed in the dental office, a patient can replace one or multiple teeth and have a natural-looking and secure smile.

Although implants have been available for a while, many people still have not heard of them. Implants derive their name from the titanium posts that are placed into the bone in the jaw, which provide the stabilization for the restorations. These implants benefit the patients’ health by stimulating the bone, much as the root of a person’s tooth would. This serves to retain more bone, which helps maintain normal facial structure and healthy teeth. Old-style replacements that sit on top of the gums do not offer this added benefit. With implants, spaces can be filled, leaving other healthy teeth intact. Implants may involve a little more upfront cost and a bit more effort on the part of the patient, but once completed, most patients consider the results well worth it. Caring for an implant is as simple as caring for one’s own natural teeth.

To find out if implants could be the right tooth replacement choice for you, we invite you to call Esquire Dental Centers to schedule an appointment. We have offices in North York, Scarborough, and Pickering for your convenience. Dr. Ashraf Awadalla will take you through an implant consultation where he examines oral health, and discusses treatment goals and financial considerations. This allows him to determine if implants are best suited for your individual needs. Allow us the opportunity to deliver your dental care, and we will provide you with beautiful smile solutions.



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