Payment & Financing

We take pride in offering quality family dentistry that exceeds your expectations and fits your budget. We understand that elective procedures such as cosmetic dentistry, and sometimes even basic dental care, can be challenging in today’s difficult economy. However, a beautiful healthy smile is truly priceless, and we do not believe that cost should be prohibitive. Therefore, we offer a number of flexible payment and financing solutions, to ensure the smile of your dreams is within your reach.


Your financing options include a zero interest plan available to dental implant and orthodontic patients. It does not involve any hidden costs, and it is not operated by a third party. This in-office financing is administered by Esquire Dental Centres. Be sure to ask our efficient office staff about this and other financing solutions.

Payment methods

For your convenience, we accept a variety of payment forms, including most major credit cards (Master Card, American Express, and Visa), debit cards and bank drafts. We also accept all dental insurance. Ask for more details when you call or visit one of our dental centres.


It is important to understand that restrictions, coverage amounts, and rules will vary, depending on your insurance provider and your specific plan. Many, though not all, policies will cover orthodontic treatment because crooked teeth are not merely a cosmetic concern; they pose serious risks to your oral health. Often, this coverage is separate from that for routine procedures, and it may have a lifetime limit.

If you visit us for orthodontic treatment, our office will provide you with all pertinent documents that you will need in order to file your insurance claim. For routine dental services, you will be able to bill your insurance provider directly. We will be happy to assist you in any way that we can; however, due to the variations in insurance policies, you will need to contact your provider for details of your coverage, limitations, share of cost, and other specific information.