I have dentures, what is the point of looking for dental implants near me in Scarborough, ON?

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Patient with dentist

Tooth replacement has been, for more than a century, consistent in design and capabilities. Men and women who faced the loss or extraction of remaining teeth have been fitted with customized denture appliances, worn on the upper and lower arches. Dentures, as most know, sit on top of the gums. Though they are designed to fit snugly around gums and underlying bone, dentures often require refitting over years of use. When a denture does not fit snugly, as often occurs, the appliance can rub against the gums or may even slip or fall out. The instability of ill-fitting dentures can lead one to avoid much-loved foods as a way to prevent discomfort or embarrassment. The development of dental implant treatment for missing teeth has, fortunately, brought about a healthy new choice for those who want the ultimate stability.

Dental implants are capable of permanent function when oral hygiene remains a priority for the treated patient. If you have wondered “why would I see an implant dentist near me?”, our Scarborough, ON team can let you know the various reasons why implant treatment is considered the best way to handle tooth loss.

Dental implants are more than tooth replacement. The tiny titanium posts that are inserted into the bone that lies beneath the gums recreates the natural oral structure that exists with tooth roots. As such, the greatest degree of stability is achieved, allowing the patient to speak and smile with confidence, and to eat a wide variety foods comfortably, even those that are chewy or crunchy.

Aside from food choices, dental implants provide a number of other advantages when compared to dentures alone. The byproduct of retaining the ability to eat a variety of foods facilitates better health and wellbeing due to the fact that the body is better able to receive the extent of nutrients it needs from this variety of foods.

Alone or as stabilizers for dentures, dental implants work wonders for a healthy, beautiful smile. Dentures have improved in appearance over the past several decades, but have not necessarily improved functionally to the point where total stability is possible. Adding implants to dentures, you can regain total confidence in your smile.

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