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A Variety Of Problems Can Occur From Missing Teeth

When we smile, it not only has a positive effect on our mood but also on those around us. The better we feel about our smile, the more we will feel like smiling. On the contrary, gaps in the smile due to missing teeth can certainly stifle that natural instinct. On top of affecting our confidence, missing teeth can cause difficulties when we chew or speak. Cosmetically, a missing tooth or teeth can lead to shifting in surrounding teeth that eventually impacts the whole smile.

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If teeth become misaligned due to shifting, there is an increased risk of cavities and periodontal disease due to the challenges in successful brushing and flossing. If teeth move to the extent that opposing teeth no longer fit as they should, there is the potential for undue stress on the joints of the jaw and the host of unpleasant symptoms that go along with this problem, including headaches and facial pain. Finally but certainly no less important, bone loss occurs in the area where a tooth or teeth have been lost.

Your Dentist In Scarborough Offers Solutions To These Problems

Clearly, tooth loss has the potential to affect the smile aesthetic as well as oral health in general. Dentistry now has a wonderful solution for missing teeth that is capable of solving all of these problems: dental implants.

Dental implants are tiny posts that are not intended to be seen in the smile, though they are the basis for the ultimate form of tooth replacement. An implant will replace the root that has been lost. After insertion in a comfortable office procedure, bone will fuse around the implant or implants. In time, this fusion will create such a firm foundation that the difference between artificial and natural teeth is barely discernible. After the implant has become firmly situated within bone tissue, it can be topped with a beautiful restoration.

Implants Accomplish What Was Previously Impossible

One of the primary concerns with tooth loss is the subsequent resorption of bone tissue due to a lack of stimulation. Without stimulation that travels through teeth and roots to the bone, this tissue simply melts away over time. When artificial roots in the form of dental implants are the base for tooth replacement, the bone tissue in the jaw continues to receive stimulation and therefore regenerates as it should.

If you are missing one tooth or are tired of a sloppy denture, we can help you regain full confidence in your smile. Contact one of Esquire Dental Centres Toronto offices for your visit.


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Dr. Amir Awadalla

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