Some of the best advantages of tooth replacement come from dental implants in our Scarborough office

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Providing Best Dental Implant Service

Permanent teeth, by their very name, should last us our lifetime. This is not the case for many adults, however, as surveys show many have lost at least one permanent tooth by the age of forty. The longevity of our teeth is determined by a number of factors, ranging from injury to disease. Whatever the underlying cause of tooth loss, your dentist at Esquire Dental Centres is dedicated to helping you rediscover your best smile through individualized treatment.


Before and After Treatment Of Implant
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Today, dental implants are considered one of the best ways to restore function after tooth loss. In our Scarborough dental practice, we provide various treatment options that include implants. Our doctors have extensive training and experience that can help you reap the benefits of implants or implant supported restorations such as a bridge or denture. These benefits include:

  • Comfortable, functional chewing comes from the placement of titanium posts in healthy jawbone. The design of implant posts topped with crowns or another type of restoration mimics natural teeth, including the roots, leading to the greatest amount of stability for chewing all types of food.
  • Full confidence is restored when implants are the base of restorations. This treatment is designed to duplicate the natural oral structure. Stabilized within the jawbone, implants secure crowns, bridges, or dentures in such a way that the restorations will remain in place during meals, and when you speak, laugh, and smile.
  • Compared to conventional restoration with dentures, implants, or implant support leads to full comfort. This is because restorations anchored on implants cannot rub against delicate gum tissue.
  • Results from dental implant treatment can last a lifetime with proper oral hygiene to keep gums healthy. The materials from which implants are made will resist corrosion, so there is no worry about cavities. However, gum health is a vital part of longevity.
  • Implants are a conservative treatment for the replacement of one or several teeth because they require no alteration of healthy tooth structure, as is necessary with a dental bridge.

The team at Esquire Dental Centres wants you to enjoy your best smile for life. If you have been affected by tooth loss, we can help you determine the best approach for long lasting restoration. Contact us in North York, Scarborough, or Pickering for your consultation.


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