Emergency Dentistry

Life is full of unexpected, unplanned events. Sometimes they are pleasant surprises, and sometimes they are sudden problems. When those problems involve your health, they can be true emergencies. At Esquire Dental Centres, we are here when you need us, with same day service for dental emergency patients. With three dental centers (open six days a week) located throughout the greater Toronto area, there is surely an office near you!

Preventing dental emergencies

It is often said that prevention is the best cure. Some common emergencies can be avoided with regular dental care and a few simple safety precautions.

Some of the best ways to avoid dental emergencies include:

  • Avoid biting down on anything overly hard, such as ice or popcorn kernels. Don’t use your teeth for tasks such as opening bottles, cutting thread, or holding objects. Watch what infants and children put in their mouths, as they can easily break teeth biting something.
  • Wear a mouthguard when participating in contact sports or any other activity where oral injury is likely. Helmets should also be worn when appropriate. This is important for both children and adults.
  • Small children fall frequently when learning to walk, and older children do when playing. If your child has taken a spill, be sure to check his or her teeth for signs of injury.
  • Practice good oral hygiene and see a dentist regularly. Many sudden toothaches result from decay that has progressed gradually until it exposes the nerve.

Emergency dentistry services

Even with the best planning and precautions, emergencies sometimes happen. When they do, call out office immediately, and we will see you as soon as possible. Depending on the nature of the problem, we may be able to fully resolve it in one visit, or we may need to schedule a follow-up for further treatment. Our first priority is to get you or your child out of pain, and then provide a long term solution.

When the unexpected happens, you can count on the team at Esquire Dental Centres. Help is as close as any one of our offices, conveniently located in Scarborough, Pickering, and North York.