Treatment from your emergency dentist in the Pickering area important to oral health

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Providing Emergency Dental Services

A toothache is certainly an unpleasant experience, one we wish to avoid. Though we view toothaches as unwelcome, this sign of a dental problem is rarely thought of as a dental emergency. In fact, unrelenting tooth pain is a primary cause of urgent care appointments. As a skilled emergency dentist, Dr. Awadalla encourages residents of Pickering and surrounding areas to contact Esquire Dental Centres for tooth pain as well as other urgent dental problems rather than attempt to ease pain at home.

Understandably, we would like to avoid pain. When pain occurs in the mouth, allowing someone to examine this tender area can seem just as unwelcome as the pain itself. The team at Esquire Dental Centres provides care that is extremely gentle, effective, and compassionate. We do not judge our patients for dental problems that may have stemmed from poor oral hygiene, choosing instead to find ways to alleviate pain and restore oral health with ongoing care, education, and encouragement.

There are several reasons for the development of tooth pain. What we are sure of is that pain in teeth or gums is a sign of some type of problem. Looking at pain as the problem itself may lead one to attempt to address only this issue with home care. The internet offers a variety of remedies for tooth pain. The problem with this type of approach is that the cause of tooth pain is not addressed, and without finding the root cause of pain.

While there is obviously a need to relieve the pain of an intense toothache, the focus should be on resolving the cause of pain more than ending the pain in and of itself. If the problem that has caused a toothache is not addressed, the damage that is done to the tooth can progress to a point where the root and even the bone becomes diseased. Over-the-counter pain relievers and home remedies may silence pain, but can actually open the door for worse pain in the near future.

Dental care is an important part of keeping teeth and gums healthy. At the first twinge of pain, a visit with your dentist should be scheduled. When problems are caught early, the care we provide can be more conservative. Early care also greatly reduces the risk of serious dental problems and, along with them, extreme pain.

Toothache? Call one of our offices for outstanding dental care.


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