When should I see an emergency dentist near me in Pickering?

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Portrait of smiling mother and daughter

Most of the attention we give to our smile is directed at our teeth. In essence, our teeth are functional for a number of purposes. They help us chew food and start the process of digestion. Without teeth, our facial features would literally fall inward. Finally, yes, our teeth are what make our smile beautiful. Due to the important role played by teeth, receiving dental care is important. Should an emergency occur in which a tooth has become injured or pain will not go away, you may wonder “should I see a dentist near me in Pickering right away?”

There are a number of situations that may require urgent dental care. A tooth or teeth may sustain damage in any number of ways. One of the primary recommendations we make to patients of Esquire Dental Centres is to maintain dental visits as needed to keep tooth structure strong and protected against damage. Should urgent care become necessary at any point, we make every effort to see our patients the very same day.

Some of the urgent needs handled by our experienced team include:

  • Lost dental crown. A crown is cemented onto natural tooth structure and should remain intact for many years. Sometimes, a crown can come loose and fall off. The restoration can be saved, cleaned and repositioned in our office. Treatment for a lost crown should take place right away so that the tooth does not sustain further damage in its unprotected state.
  • Lost dental fillings should be replaced right away because their purpose is to fill a hole caused by oral bacteria. Without the filling, the tooth becomes especially vulnerable to bacteria, which can invade the inner areas where highly sensitive material lies. When you call your emergency dentist with this concern, you can find out how to protect the tooth until you can be seen.
  • Abscess is an infection that may affect the tooth root. Emergency care for an abscessed tooth is vital to oral and general health, as the infection can spread to nearby teeth and may also enter the bloodstream, causing health concerns.
  • Toothaches are the primary reason that most people seek emergency dental care. Even the slightest toothache is a sign that a tooth has been damaged. Seeking care before pain becomes intense or unrelenting can avoid undue stress.

Our team is experienced in the latest treatments for various dental problems. If you experience a dental emergency, contact our Pickering, Scarborough, or North York office for a prompt appointment.


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