Is endodontic treatment near Pickering a necessity?

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Root canal therapy is a very common dental procedure. Unfortunately, it is one that the mere thought of makes people cringe with anxiety. Really, the methodical removal of a tooth’s root feels no different than getting a cavity filled. Where root canal is associated with pain is in the infection that precedes treatment. Infection is, in fact, the reason endodontic treatment may be necessary. There are several reasons why a patient near Pickering or a surrounding area may develop infection in the inner part of a tooth. The most common factor in infection is a cavity that has not been … Continue reading

Sometimes the best treatment for tooth pain is root canal therapy with your Pickering dentist

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When patients visit one of the Esquire Dental Centres offices with tooth pain, our goal is to provide relief by finding and correcting the cause. Tooth pain may occur for any one of several different reasons. Often, the source of pain is infection that has stemmed from an untreated cavity. Cavities are progressive problems caused by oral bacteria. When the outer part of the tooth becomes damaged, a passageway to the softer inner tissues is created and oral bacteria naturally move into this area where brushing and flossing can no longer reach them. As decay moves inward at an accelerated … Continue reading

Reasons you may need to see an Endodontics specialist in the Scarborough area

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Endodontic therapy is the area of dentistry most commonly referred to as root canal treatment. This beneficial procedure is probably one of the most misunderstood in the field of dentistry, with many people experiencing anxiety at the mere thought of having a root canal. This form of treatment from your endodontics specialist in the Scarborough area, however, may be necessary if the inner part of the tooth, the pulp, has become infected or damaged. How dental pulp becomes damaged Beneath the enamel, which is the part of the tooth we see, lies dentin. Further inside the tooth is a chamber … Continue reading

Root canal therapy with your dentist in Pickering may be the best option for restored health

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For many decades, individuals with deep infection in a tooth have been treated with root canal therapy. Due to its longstanding use and the nature of early dental care, the root canal procedure may not have been as comfortable as it is today. As such, root canal therapy has long had a reputation as being painful. The truth is, this beneficial treatment is often performed when a tooth has become damaged and ache or intense pain has developed. The pain associated with root canal treatment is only that which precedes the actual procedure. The procedure itself eliminates pain. Our teeth … Continue reading

What is root canal therapy and why might my Scarborough dentist recommend it?

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Root canal therapy, referred to in dentistry as endodontic therapy, is a common form of restorative care. The purpose of the root canal is to eliminate infection and save natural tooth structure. What Root Canal Therapy In Our Scarborough Practice Entails Many people have heard horrible stories regarding root canal therapy. Because of several persistent myths, typically circulated by people who haven’t even received this treatment, many people fear root canals. Patients who visit Esquire Dental Centres are treated with a high standard of care and gentle techniques. Treatment does not begin until numbing medication has taken full effect, ensuring … Continue reading

Dispelling myths about the root canal therapy procedure in Scarborough

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Root canal therapy is a common treatment, though one that has been largely misunderstood for a very long time. It is rather astounding that so many inaccurate myths could remain so vital for so many decades. Due to the poor reputation of root canal therapy, this procedure is one that many in Scarborough and beyond would prefer to avoid. We would like to help our patients avoid root canal therapy as well, though for very different reasons. One of the longest standing myths about root canal therapy is that pain is involved. In many cases, this is absolutely true, although … Continue reading

Find outstanding non-surgical gum therapy in Pickering to protect your health

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When we think of gum disease, most people may consider how this condition will affect oral health. Gum disease, an infection in gum tissue caused by oral bacteria, has the potential to be quite serious. In fact, this progressive infection, in its advanced stage, is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults. The impact gum disease has on the smile is significant, but the effects of this condition don’t stop there. Researchers studying gum disease have come to some very startling discoveries which, when we recognize them, can help us better protect our smiles and our overall health. … Continue reading

The best gum disease treatment you can find in Scarborough is to learn prevention

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It is estimated that more than half of all adults suffer from some degree of the condition we call gum disease, which ranges from gingivitis to advanced periodontitis. This condition as a whole is known for its far reaching effects not only in the mouth but also in the body. Due to the ramifications of gum disease, it is very important to see your dentist regularly. We believe that the best treatment we can provide for our patients from Scarborough and surrounding areas is to teach them how to prevent gum disease in the first place. Gum disease is an infection in the supportive … Continue reading

Why gum care to prevent the need for surgery is ideal for adults near Pickering and surrounding areas

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One of the most essential chores we perform daily is to brush and floss our teeth. Though this activity may seem mundane due to the fact that we do it twice a day every day for a lifetime, keep in mind that it is through brushing and flossing that you are taking steps to keep your teeth forever. Coupled with regular dental visits, daily hygiene habits can prevent a host of dental problems. Due to its success in preventing gum disease, oral hygiene is actually pivotal in maintaining general health. Gum disease is a serious problem that raises concerns about … Continue reading

What can be expected from gum disease treatment in Pickering

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Nearly 80 percent of adults in North America will, at some point, develop gum disease. The severity of this common oral condition ranges from very mild to very severe. When addressing the issue of gum disease with our patients, our goal is to develop a treatment plan for prevention rather than management. If you live in the Pickering, North York, or Scarborough area, there is an Esquire Dental Centres office near you ready to attend to your oral health. Gingivitis Gingivitis is the term used to describe the earliest, mildest form of gum disease. Gingivitis develops when plaque accumulates at … Continue reading