Are there metal-free dental fillings available near me in North York?

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Providing Dental Fillings near North York

Cavities being one of the most prevalent of all dental problems, appropriate repair with dental fillings is one of the most common of all dental procedures. For more than a century, the standard for dental fillings has remained pretty consistent. Though a number of advances have been made in restorative dentistry and a strong push towards better aesthetics has developed in consumers, the use of amalgam fillings has continued.

Dental amalgam is a material made up of various metals, such as tin and nickel. There is also mercury in dental amalgam. For these reasons, many people ask “What choices in dental fillings can be found near me?” In our offices that serve North York, Scarborough, and Pickering, we regularly consult with patients who would prefer metal-free, mercury-free dental fillings, and are happy to oblige their requests with beautiful composite restorations.

Composite restorations are made of a mixture containing glass and plastic. This resin material has been popular in many dental offices for years, and for good reason. Applied directly to a damaged tooth in putty-like form, composite material can be expertly shaped and coloured to repair cavities and other imperfections in a way that achieves the most natural, long lasting results.

Tooth-coloured fillings made of composite resin are not only incredibly discreet, noticed by no one who views your smile, but they are also an extremely healthy option. One of the ways in which tooth-coloured fillings are beneficial is in their ability to seal the tooth with tight margins. This is accomplished in a bonding process not used with amalgams. The amalgam filling is retained through mechanical means, whereas the composite filling is cured into place on the tooth’s surface. The bonding process is excellent for longevity and also for the retention of natural tooth structure.

Being made from resin and glass, composite not only looks very much like natural enamel but it also acts in a very similar fashion. One of the problems associated with amalgam fillings has been the propensity to cause tooth fractures after several years. The reason amalgam will pose this danger is because metals expand and contract in a more dramatic way than enamel. Many adults who have had amalgam fillings since childhood find themselves facing additional tooth repairs due to small fractures in tooth structure. Moving in a way very similar to enamel, composite resin fillings do not pose the extensive concern as amalgams.

Your dentist at Esquire Dental Centres is focused on preserving natural tooth structure and your natural smile aesthetic. Call us in Pickering, Scarborough, or North York today to arrange your visit with our friendly, professional team.


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