Is endodontic treatment near Pickering a necessity?

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Providing endodontic treatment near pickering

Root canal therapy is a very common dental procedure. Unfortunately, it is one that the mere thought of makes people cringe with anxiety. Really, the methodical removal of a tooth’s root feels no different than getting a cavity filled. Where root canal is associated with pain is in the infection that precedes treatment.

Infection is, in fact, the reason endodontic treatment may be necessary. There are several reasons why a patient near Pickering or a surrounding area may develop infection in the inner part of a tooth. The most common factor in infection is a cavity that has not been treated quickly enough to prevent extensive damage. Cavities are themselves a type of infection, the result of acidic byproduct left by oral bacteria. When a hole develops in the tooth, bacteria have additional refuge from brushing and flossing, essentially getting a free pass to the softer tissues beneath tooth enamel.

Another way that the root may become infected is through root caries. This condition may occur when the gum tissue around a tooth has receded and the root has become exposed. The exposure of root surface makes it vulnerable to direct contact with oral bacteria and their acidic waste.

One of our best pieces of advice for our patients is to maintain regular visits to the Esquire Dental Centres office nearest them. We understand that no one really wants to undergo the root canal procedure. If we had our way, we would never have to perform this type of care. Our preference is always to help our patients avoid the pain and inconvenience of dental problems.

If, in between dental visits, a tooth becomes sensitive or irritated, the best thing to do is schedule an appointment right away. Sensitivity and even mild pain are a sign that a cavity may be forming. Treated early, a cavity can be most easily repaired without much fuss. More importantly, prompt treatment for mild discomfort can mean the difference between a filling and root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy is a necessity for the patient in whom a cavity has made its way to the pulp chamber. Without this endodontic treatment, infection continues to progress and additional uncomfortable problems will develop.

Why wait until a root canal is the only option? Call Esquire Dental Centres to schedule your dental check-up today.


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