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The cost of braces for kids decreases with early care in Scarborough

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Providing Braces For Kids

Just a few decades ago, many high school yearbooks would display pictures of students with metallic smiles. This standard remains in the minds of many parents, who are under the impression that orthodontic treatment is for teenagers. While there was a time in which braces were typically put off until about the age of 12, when the jaw is fully developed, there is another school of thought that can benefit families in more ways than one.

Orthodontic care can begin as early as age six or seven today. Studies show that at this time, when permanent teeth are making their way into the mouth, skilled dental professionals can identify potential problems with bite and alignment. Essentially, it is like predicting the future, only using sound orthodontic evidence to back up opinion. When evaluation for orthodontic wellness takes place this early, it is possible to see the cost of braces for kids go down. This is because treatment in our Scarborough area offices can begin with making room in the mouth for the arrival of new teeth.

The growth patterns of the body are prime for beginning orthodontic evaluation and care between the ages of six and twelve. During these years, the young body’s growth focuses on the face and jaw. Aiding this growth is highly beneficial to the successful growth of teeth. Waiting until the teen years to address misalignment leaves out this pivotal time of growth, when many orthodontic issues can be prevented.

For decades, orthodontic care has been approached as a single-phase treatment – once and done. Taking a different, two-phased approach, your dentist can accomplish better results in a shorter period with improved comfort. Orthodontic treatment that begins between the age of six and ten can set the stage for better alignment and a decreased need for lengthy treatment with braces.

Esquire Dental Centres is dedicated to the personalized care of each patient. Our methodology in treating children extends beyond checking for cavities. We also assess the jaw structure for present and future growth. To schedule your child’s orthodontic evaluation, call us in Pickering, North York, or Scarborough today.

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