What is the cost of impacted wisdom tooth or teeth removal in Scarborough ON?

Esquire Dental Centres dentists explain the impacts and the cost of wisdom tooth removal.

Scarborough ON area patients who have been told they have impacted wisdom teeth are often concerned with removal with dental surgery. Drs. Ashraf, Mark, and Amir Awadalla of Esquire Dental Centres are available to assist patients with their dental needs. When impacted teeth become a problem, they can provide oral surgery to help. What is an impacted wisdom tooth? An impacted wisdom tooth is a third molar that is unable to erupt through the gum line or which faces the wrong direction and becomes “stuck” underneath the gums. When this happens, patients may experience discomfort that can only be addressed … Continue reading

Reasons we may recommend tooth extraction for Scarborough area patients

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Providing Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Teeth continue to erupt well into the teen years. The third set of molars to grow in were dubbed “wisdom teeth” many, many years ago due to the teen years being known as the “Age of Wisdom” at one point in time. Although we like to preserve natural tooth structure as much as possible, there are reasons that wisdom tooth extraction may be recommended. In order to manage healthy smiles, we begin monitoring the growth of these teeth early rather than wait for them to make their appearance in the smile. If you live in the Scarborough, Pickering, or North … Continue reading

The painless process of wisdom tooth removal in Pickering promotes your healthiest smile

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Providing Painless Wisdom Tooth Removal

Tooth extraction is something we like to avoid as much as possible. In some instances, such as wisdom teeth, the removal of teeth is the best option for retaining proper alignment, a healthy bite, and a nice appearance. Most often, these third molars become visible on x-rays sometime during the teen years. There are, however, many adults who undergo the extraction procedure either due to the late development of these teeth or the need to remove wisdom teeth that have been affected by decay. Facing the removal of a single tooth can be daunting, let alone four teeth. The team … Continue reading

Why do many Scarborough area patients have their wisdom teeth removed?

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Providing Wisdom Teeth Treatment

Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, have a history of being problematic for patients in their early adult years. It is common to hear about patients having their wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Amir Awadalla and the team of Esquire Dental Centres encourage patients to learn about when they may benefit from wisdom teeth extraction. What Problems Exist From Wisdom Teeth? Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt through the gum line. They are positioned at the back of the mouth with one to two teeth in each corner. Patients can have up to eight wisdom teeth. When … Continue reading