Want to know “what can teeth whitening near me in Scarborough, ON do for me?”

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, teen girl smile before and after teeth whitening

Aging is a natural part of life, though one that most of us, at some point, wish to slow down as much as we can. Today, appearance accounts for a lot, and can make an enormous difference in not only how we feel about ourselves, but also how we are perceived by others. As a way to diminish the signs of aging, many people turn to creams, serums, and even injectibles to address issues like dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. In addition to the skin, however, the look of the smile is largely responsible for the retention of a more youthful appearance.

Of the various facial features we notice when we look in the mirror, the smile itself is a vital part of our overall success in human interaction. Teeth may be straight and in generally good condition, free of cavities, gaps, chips and other problems. If teeth are dull, yellow, or otherwise discolored, the positive aspects of the smile can be overshadowed. In fact, the entire face can look older. The maintenance of teeth is critical to oral health in general, but brushing and flossing may not be enough to prevent stains from developing on teeth. These habits alone certainly cannot remove stains that have set in.

There are various methods for removing stains from teeth, many of which seem easy and more affordable than professional care. Over-the-counter teeth whitening products may seem convenient, and may even seem to produce results on teeth that are only mildly discolored. This approach is, in most cases, unsuccessful due to the fact that discoloration tends to not be noticed until stains have become deep-set. In order to efficiently remove stains, it is necessary to apply a strong concentration of peroxide, best delivered in solutions from your dentist.

What type of teeth whitening is available near me?

At Esquire Dental Centres, patients from Scarborough and other ON townships are treated with personalized dental care tailored to their needs. If you would like to achieve a more youthful smile, we can help. Our dentists improve smiles using proven treatments such as home-whitening with custom-fitted trays and Zoom! whitening treatments, provided in our office. The results achieved with each of these treatments are excellent, giving you a smile you feel proud to show off.

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