What are the steps used by a teeth whitening dentist near me in Scarborough?

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Beautiful Woman's Smile

Teeth whitening treatment designed by your dentist provides you with one of the fastest smile transformations you can get. The procedure used today has actually been perfected over centuries of trial and error. Patients of Esquire Dental Centres benefit from the advances in professional care, which have brought about choices in how and where stain removal takes place.

You may have wondered “what does a teeth whitening dentist near me do differently?” In our Scarborough, Pickering, and North York practices, there is quite a bit that differs from home remedies for teeth whitening.

Home whitening from your dentist is different from commercial whitening treatments in a number of ways. Many patients who visit us for teeth whitening have tried such systems, only to learn firsthand that they are largely ineffective at producing the desired result. In our office, results come from personal attention and the use of properly concentrated whitening solution. Additionally, the delivery method of professional whitening often differs from commercial treatments.

Some of the forgotten aspects of cosmetic dental treatment is the need to assess suitability. If teeth or gums are not healthy, teeth whitening may produce unnecessary discomfort. Before commencing with any cosmetic treatment, we perform a thorough dental examination to ensure dental problems do not impede our ability to achieve beautiful, lasting results.

The dental exam also helps us to determine the nature of discoloration. Some stains reside inside the tooth. These are best treated with porcelain veneers. Attempting to whiten these intrinsic stains could lead to frustration and money lost.

Finally, professional teeth whitening may be preceded by a visit to our hygienist for cleaning. While you may take excellent care of your teeth at home, the professional cleaning is able to remove hidden plaque and tartar, substances that will get in the way of optimal results if not addressed before whitening.

We offer whitening services in our office and for home use. Each method is safe and effective at removing set-in stains. If your smile has become dull or discolored, we can help. After teeth whitening treatment, you can look more vibrant and youthful, and feel more confident. Call one of our friendly offices to schedule your consultation.


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