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All of us here hope that you and your family have weathered the Covid-19 crisis. As we have opened our doors, we want to give you some insight into how we prepared for the return.

In addition to our regular stringent infection control protocols we have added enhanced infection control procedures:
  1. Increased sanitization of frequently touched surfaces
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  5. Reception plexiglass barriers
  6. Physical distancing office modifications
Please be safe!
Dr. Awadalla and Team

Teeth bonding is a great choice for cavity repair and more in Pickering Ontario

Cavities are one of the most common dental problems amongst people of all ages. At Esquire Dental Centres, our environment may be relaxed but we are serious about fighting tooth decay. We encourage our patients to visit us every six months so that we have the best chance at preventing tooth damage. Additionally, we act quickly to repair damage using quality materials that do not disrupt the smile’s natural beauty.

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Providing Teeth Bonding

Why Teeth Bonding

In our Pickering and other offices in Ontario, bonding is a common treatment considered for cavity repair. For several reasons, this process can be ideal to suit the needs of the patient. Before recommending treatment, you can rest assured your Esquire Dental Centres dentist will perform a careful examination to determine the extent of damage and the most appropriate type of repair. When more than one option for restoration exists, we will provide details that will enable you to make a confident decision regarding the care of your smile.

Restoring a tooth with the bonding process involves the application of composite resin, a material that looks very much like natural enamel. In just one visit, we can take a tooth from fragile to durable. To begin, damaged tooth material is gently removed. The cavity is then filled with pliable composite resin that has been color-matched to surrounding enamel. A curing light is used to harden the material into position, where it can restore lost strength and beauty to the damaged tooth.

Bonding Can Achieve A Number Of Goals

More than a tooth-colored filling, bonding is also an incredible cosmetic procedure through which your dentist can improve the overall look of your smile. Our dentists have many years of experience and know how to craft composite resin to the shape, size, and color to disguise chips, gaps, cracks, and more. When hardened and polished, the restoration will blend in perfectly with surrounding tooth material.

When you improve the look and the health of your smile, you achieve a greater sense of wellbeing. To address your smile concerns with a friendly, experienced team that makes you feel at home, contact the Esquire Dental Centres office nearest you.


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Dr. Amir Awadalla

Dr. Amir Awadalla

Dr. Mark Awadalla

Dr. Mark Awadalla

Dr. Ashraf Awadalla

Dr. Ashraf Awadalla

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