What you need to know about professional at-home teeth whitening from your Scarborough dentist

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, professional teeth whitening scarborough

Many people are ready to see a nice change in the brightness of their smiles. The decision to do something about stains and discoloration is only the first step in the transformation process. Because there are so many ways to treat stains, choosing the best treatment can take time. Commercial whitening products, which promise to remove tough stains, are chosen for their immediate availability and seeming affordability. More often than not, those who try commercial strips, pastes, or other products notice no change in the colour of their teeth. The limited capabilities of commercial whitening do not mean that you cannot conveniently handle discoloration at home.

At Esquire Dental Centres, we offer convenient, professional home whitening that produces remarkable results. Home whitening under the care of your dentist includes the design of custom-fitted whitening trays and a supply of professional-grade whitening solution. Home whitening from your dentist is easy to complete, safe, and very effective.

Many of our patients who choose home whitening notice results after their first treatment. Over the course of a few weeks of daily use, teeth progressively become brighter. Whitening at home is so easy and comfortable that it can be done while you relax before bed, while you clean, or even while you sleep. One of the benefits of home whitening is that trays can be reused, making touch ups convenient.

Individuals looking forward to a special event or big meeting may not want to wait to see their ultimate results. In such instances, professional in-office teeth whitening may be the most suitable treatment option. Esquire Dental Centres, with offices in Scarborough, Pickering, and North York, offers solutions that work for a variety of individuals.

Whether you choose to brighten your smile at home or in our office, the results achieved will have you smiling confidently. Although teeth whitening is not a permanent treatment, your brightest smile can be maintained with excellent oral care, professional cleanings, and touch-ups as needed.

We can help you love your smile. Contact Esquire Dental Centres for your consultation.



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