Restore the Appearance and Function of Your Damaged Smile with Natural-looking Dental Crowns

Does tooth decay or damage make you self-conscious about your smile? Do you experience pain whenever eating because of tooth damage? Porcelain dental crowns from Esquire Dental Centres in Pickering, Ontario, can help. A dental crown is usually the best restoration for your tooth if the remaining structure isn’t sufficient for a filling. A dental crown encases the entire tooth to reinforce and protect it from future damage. 

Dental Crowns on Front Teeth in Pickering ON Area

Say goodbye to discomfort and insecurity and say hello to restored confidence with dental crowns. 

When is a dental crown necessary?

When your tooth suffers damage or decay, there is hope that it will heal on its own. Unfortunately, the tooth enamel can’t regenerate once damage sets in. The damage worsens if left unaddressed.

You may need a dental crown to:

  • Support a weakened tooth because of damage, decay, or faulty dental work
  • Anchor a dental bridge
  • Cap off a dental implant
  • Protect a tooth after root canal treatment
  • Cosmetically improve a stubbornly discolored or misshapen tooth

We create your dental crown after taking the specifications of your tooth. This way, we design a bespoke restoration that fits snugly over your tooth without looking or feeling bulky. When we crown your tooth, the results are so natural you won’t realize it’s artificial.

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The process of fitting a crown

Dental crowns in our office are placed in at least two dental visits, with the initial appointment being the more comprehensive. After examining your tooth, the dentist removes a bit of enamel around your tooth to create space for a crown. Then, we take impressions of your prepped tooth that act as a blueprint for creating the crown. Since your restoration takes a few weeks to create, we’ll temporarily restore your prepped tooth until your crown is ready. 

The second appointment is quick and exciting because you’ll go home with the real deal. After removing your temporary crown, we’ll try your new crown to ensure it fits and looks natural. After a few adjustments, we’ll cement your crown in place to restore your smile’s appearance and function. 

Rebuild your smile with dental crowns

Want to transform your smile with dental crowns? Please call 905 250-1605 to schedule an appointment with Drs. Amir Awadalla and Mark Awadalla in Pickering, ON. 

You may also call 416 223-7869 (North York) or 416 203-1434 (Scarborough).

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Dr. Amir Awadalla

Dr. Amir Awadalla

Dr. Mark Awadalla

Dr. Mark Awadalla

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Dr. Ashraf Awadalla

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