Invisalign is more than cosmetic braces, a fact our Pickering patients are happy to discover

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Providing Cosmetic Braces

Often, when an older teen or adult seeks orthodontic treatment, the primary reason they do so is to improve the appearance of the smile. While aesthetics are certainly an important factor to consider, we also love treating patients’ cosmetic concerns with braces because we know there are many more benefits to be had. If you live in the area of Pickering, Scarborough, or North York, the Esquire Dental Centres team has orthodontic solutions that will help you improve your smile in numerous ways.

The Aesthetic Effect Of Braces

According to multiple research studies, the smile is one of the first physical traits people notice. When observing the smile, one of the characteristics that garners the most attention is alignment. Teeth that are straight and spaced appropriately are considered an important part of an attractive smile. When teeth look good, the entire face looks more attractive and the perception that people have is positive. For instance, men and women with attractive smiles are thought to be more successful, friendlier, and healthier, among other appealing traits. The fact is, a straighter smile is actually healthier.

Straighter Teeth, Healthier Smile

When teeth are crooked, spaced too far apart or too close together, bacteria have more power to destroy healthy structures. Bacteria are microorganisms that live in the mouth. Although there are some benefits to certain types of bacteria, there is a danger that, in the acidic oral environment, bacteria may play a role in tooth decay and gum disease. When gaps, overlaps, and other challenging spaces occur as a result of misalignment, the risk of disease increases significantly.

Crooked teeth not only affect the appearance of the smile, but they may also cause issues when you chew or when you speak. Depending on the location of a crooked tooth and its exact position, it is possible to accidentally bite the lip or cheek during meals, or to have difficulty achieving certain sounds, like “s.” Additionally, the joints in the jaw may be put under a great deal of stress when the oral structure must adapt in order for teeth to fit together to bite and chew. This stress can lead to secondary problems like chronic facial pain or headaches.

Correcting misalignment with braces tailored to your needs can improve your appearance, your oral health, your speech, and your quality of life! Contact our office nearest you to schedule your orthodontic evaluation.


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