Why gum care to prevent the need for surgery is ideal for adults near Pickering and surrounding areas

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Providing Best Gum Care Surgery

One of the most essential chores we perform daily is to brush and floss our teeth. Though this activity may seem mundane due to the fact that we do it twice a day every day for a lifetime, keep in mind that it is through brushing and flossing that you are taking steps to keep your teeth forever. Coupled with regular dental visits, daily hygiene habits can prevent a host of dental problems. Due to its success in preventing gum disease, oral hygiene is actually pivotal in maintaining general health.

Gum disease is a serious problem that raises concerns about the longevity of one’s teeth. Without adequate gum care, the disease process can weaken gum tissue to such an extent that damage cannot be repaired. Understanding the long term effect of ongoing infection, your dentist’s priority is in helping you avoid infection through adequate preventive care.

The beginning of gum disease can actually be difficult to spot. Called gingivitis at the onset, the infection caused by oral bacteria may produce slight redness or inflammation in the gums. You may notice a bit of blood in your spit when brushing and flossing, or may find that bad breath occurs more frequently. Any one of these symptoms is a warning that gum disease has begun and that prompt attention is needed.

A progressive problem, gingivitis will advance without proper treatment. As the disease continues to weaken healthy tissues, plaque and tartar will accumulate around the base of teeth and tissue will gradually pull away from tooth structure. This may not occur around every tooth at once. However, the formation of pockets around any teeth paves the way for infection to become more aggressive.

The continuation of gum disease may lead to the stage called periodontitis, in which bone loss becomes a real concern. The more that gums and bone break down, the looser the affected teeth will become. Once a tooth or teeth actually feels loose from gum disease, there is no return to optimal oral health. If tooth loss occurs, the first priority will be to eliminate the infection that caused tooth loss. Once gum disease has been managed, restoration with dental implants or bridge work can be planned.

The path back from gum disease can be long and arduous. Why go this road when your team at Esquire Dental Centres can provide preventive care to keep you from surgery and tooth loss? Contact us in Pickering, North York, or Scarborough.


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