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Most people fear root canal or endodontic treatment, but you don’t need to be! It’s safe, pain-free, and can save your natural teeth. Contact Esquire Dental Centres in Ontario for details.

Dr. Amir Awadalla

When you may need root canal therapy

When a tooth is broken or seriously damaged, the inner dental pulp containing nerves, vascular cells, and other viscous tissues may get injured. Fractures or deep cavities may give bacteria access to this pulp, resulting in infection

Signs you may need a root canal

Recurring or persistent pimples on gum tissue

Pain, tenderness, or swelling in surrounding gum tissue

Overall darkening of the tooth that doesn’t respond to whitening

High sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks

Constant or recurrent toothache

Sensitivity to pressure

The procedure

Diagnosis: The tooth is examined, and x-rays are taken as needed to determine the nature  and extent of the damage. Early diagnosis helps early, more successful treatment.

An opening is created to access the tooth chamber. The infected/injured pulp is removed, and the chamber is cleaned and sealed to prevent future infection.

A dental crown is often used to restore the tooth post-therapy

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