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What is periodontics?

A branch of dentistry focusing on the tissues and structures surrounding teeth, including the gums and bone. Periodontal (gum) disease is a serious inflammatory disorder that can cause tooth loss.

How common is periodontal disease?

It’s more common than thought. The Canadian Dental Association says 70 percent of Canadians will develop it at some point.

Factors that can increase your susceptibility

Age, occurs mostly after 65

Tobacco use - includes smoking and smokeless tobacco products

Stress - hampers the natural immune system

Certain  prescription medicines, like oral contraceptives

Bruxism, grinding or clenching of teeth


Treatment options

In the early stage (gingivitis), scaling and root planning and proper oral hygiene

These procedures remove the affected tissue and help the gums re-attach to the teeth.

During the more advanced stage (periodontitis), aggressive treatments, like gum surgery or  laser therapy, may be needed.

If ignored ---

It can cause abscesses, decay, and tooth loss.

A strong connection between gum disease and serious health conditions, like heart disease and diabetes, has been found.

Early detection and treatment are key to averting damage.

Avoid gum disease and its repercussions.

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