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Welcome to Esquire Dental Centres, where we cater to patients of all ages. Our family-friendly approach makes pediatric dentistry an enjoyable experience, setting the foundation for a lifelong commitment to oral health.

When to See a Dentist for Little Teeth

Sooner than you might think! The Canadian Dental Association recommends a dentist visit for infants by age one or within six months of the first tooth. Early care isn't just about teeth; it's about education, early problem detection, and establishing lifelong habits.

Dispelling myths about temporary teeth! Primary teeth are vital placeholders, ensuring proper jaw development and preserving space for adult teeth. Caring for them prevents pain and embarrassment, as these teeth stay until age 12.

The Importance of Baby Teeth

Our initial focus is education. As your child grows, we may recommend preventive measures like dental sealants or fluoride treatments. Regular monitoring allows timely recommendations for corrective or restorative procedures when needed.

What to Expect in Pediatric Dentistry

Your role is key! We're a team in your child's oral health journey. Learn about common issues like baby bottle decay and how good hygiene and nutrition are crucial. Esquire Dental Centres is your family's partner for excellent oral health.

Teamwork for a Healthy Smile at Home

The caring team at Esquire Dental Centres is here for your family. Together, we ensure your little one enjoys a lifetime of healthy smiles. Book an appointment today at

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