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By Dr. Amir Awadalla


is a dental area that focuses on preventing, diagnosing, managing, monitoring, and directing adolescent and adult patients' dentofacial structures.

Think again if you believe

you're too old to have your teeth straightened. With significant advancements in treatment materials and procedures, grownups now account for one out of every four orthodontic patients in the US.

We are here at Esquire Dental Centres

to assist our patients in appreciating everything about their smiles. Though traditional braces have significantly improved, the introduction of Invisalign was one of the most substantial gains in orthodontics.

In the Invisalign system,

comfortable, clear aligner trays replace the standard metal brackets and wires, making orthodontics accessible to those who are hesitant about the look or discomfort of traditional braces.


early orthodontic treatment is less expensive, more efficient, and quicker than delayed treatment.

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