Unforeseen Dental Hurdles

Life's surprises aren't always delightful. In health emergencies, Esquire Dental Centres has your back. Our three Toronto locations are here six days a week for your convenience, offering same-day service for dental crises.

Preventing dental emergencies is a mantra we stand by. Regular dental care and simple precautions can avert common issues. Avoid chewing on hard items, refrain from using teeth as tools, and watch over little ones to prevent accidental dental injuries.

The Power of Prevention

Shield your smile during contact sports or activities with oral injury risks. Mouthguards are crucial for both children and adults. Helmets, when appropriate, add an extra layer of protection. Preventing emergencies starts with safeguarding your oral well-being.

Guarding Your Smile

Children are prone to falls. After a tumble, check for any signs of dental injury. Vigilance during their early years can prevent potential issues. Teaching them good oral hygiene habits is vital to long-term dental health.

Kids and Dental Safety

Despite best efforts, emergencies happen. Call us immediately, and we'll prioritize your pain relief. Our skilled team at Esquire Dental Centres aims for swift resolution. From Scarborough to North York, our offices are ready to address your dental emergencies promptly.

Emergency Dentistry at Your Service