Scarborough, ON dentist describes root canal therapy

Scarborough, ON patients who feel they could benefit from root canal therapy are often unsure about moving forward with treatment. However, this procedure can be performed to save a natural tooth from extraction. Root canal therapy is commonly done to maintain the health and beauty of the smile by treating a single tooth.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Also known as endodontic treatment, root canal therapy addresses the inside portion of a tooth. It can be used to treat an infection, diseased tooth, a tooth with an abscess, or a tooth that has had substantial injury or decay. Without root canal therapy, the most effective alternative is removal of the tooth. Root canal therapy saves tooth structure and help patients avoid replacement expenses such as:

  • Dental implant
  • Dental bridge
  • Partial denture

The Process

Root canal therapy starts with a consultation and evaluation to determine if the procedure is appropriate. X-rays are taken to check the condition of the tooth. Once the patient has agreed to the advantages of root canal therapy, treatment begins. A small hole is made in the tooth to allow the dentist access to the pulp, which is removed. Inner canals are cleaned and treated, and gutta percha is used to seal the tooth. Many patients benefit from a dental crown, which is placed over the tooth to offer an extra layer of protection.

Learn More Today

Root canal therapy is a routine procedure performed for patients in and around the area of Scarborough, ON. There is nothing for patients to fear from this treatment. Call Drs. Ashraf, A. Mark, and Amir Awadalla to find out if root canal therapy can keep you from losing a permanent adult tooth. Our office is located at 2650 Lawrence Avenue E #6D and can be reached by phone at 416 203-1434.



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