Your orthodontics dentist in the Scarborough area offer choices that work for you

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Orthodontics Dentist

Many people would like to see straighter teeth when they smile. Misalignment of the jaw and crooked, crowded teeth can not only create embarrassment but can also get in the way of good hygiene practices. Even with this knowledge, many adults hesitate to make that call to their orthodontics dentist in the Scarborough area. Why? Because there is a certain stigma to braces, originating from early models of metal brackets and wires. At Esquire Dental Centres, our patients have choices for orthodontic treatment that they can feel good about.

Today, orthodontic treatment can achieve a number of goals. Some systems work only on teeth that are seen in the smile. Cosmetic braces may be perfect for some people, such as those who have worn braces previously but want to correct minor relapse. The beauty of cosmetic braces is that teeth can be straightened in just a few months. The drawback is that bite issues cannot be addressed.

Misalignment and bite issues can have a negative impact on oral health and functionality. Such problems can be corrected with conventional orthodontics, or with Invisalign. The innovative aligner method of straightening teeth has become immensely popular amongst teens as well as adults, and for good reason.

Invisalign allows you to straighten your smile in terms that work for you. Removable aligners are designed using advanced computer software and high quality clear plastic material. Because aligners can be removed, eating habits do not have to change as the smile is being transformed. Big meetings or events do not have to be stressful because your smile will look completely natural. Even when in place, aligners are so discreet that most people do not notice them.

Even conventional bracket and wire braces have improved over the years. Today, patients have the option to choose tooth-colored materials for their orthodontic journey. Capable of accomplishing the same outstanding results, tooth-colored braces are a great choice for teens and adults who want to improve their smile without the look of metal.

Evaluation for orthodontic treatment should begin even before all permanent teeth have grown in. We encourage parents to have their children evaluated by the age of seven. When treatment begins early, oral health is better maintained and embarrassment over a crooked smile is kept to the bare minimum.

Esquire Smile Centres has the expertise to help you enjoy your best smile. Contact one of our offices today to schedule your visit.


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