Why people choose orthodontic Invisalign treatment in North York and surrounding areas

Metal braces tend to be rather unappealing to the adult who is seeking a straighter, more attractive smile. For many adults, professional image is extremely important, and metallic braces simply do not fit in. Likewise, a crooked, unhealthy smile also does not fit with what we imagine to be a professional image. With modern technology, adults and even some teens who need correction for misalignment can find a beautiful solution.

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Providing Orthodontic Invisalign-

Orthodontic treatment no longer has to mean metal brackets and wires. Today, Invisalign is used by many of our patients from North York and surrounding areas. Like conventional orthodontics, Invisalign works using the same basic principle that constant pressure will encourage the proper movement of teeth over time. The difference between Invisalign and conventional braces comes down to how this continual pressure is applied.

Rather than cementing brackets to teeth and running a wire through them, the Invisalign system is designed using state-of-the-art computer software. Appliances are made from high quality, clear plastic, and they slip right over teeth in their current positioning. When first worn, an Invisalign aligner will be quite snug. This is because each aligner is fabricated in the mold of how teeth should be positioned, not how they currently lie. With each change in aligners, teeth are gradually moved into their rightful place. There are several benefits to the Invisalign system.


Clear plastic aligners may be snug at first, but they have no sharp corners and no bulkiness. Invisalign aligners are BPA-free and are kind to the soft tissues in the mouth with their smoothness. Due to an ultra-thin profile, these aligners are barely felt as they work on correcting misalignment.


Unlike conventional braces, it is possible to remove the Invisalign aligner as needed. This means that meals do not have to be a stressful event. Before eating your favorite foods, simply remove your aligners and put them in a safe place. Since Invisalign uses the full aligner rather than wires, no adjustments are necessary, which means fewer dental visits.


Perhaps the primary appeal to Invisalign treatment is the discreet nature of clear plastic aligners. When teeth look natural, smiling and laughing can be performed with confidence. Big events or important meetings do not have to be faced with caution, either. If a photo op arises, remove aligners for a short time and smile at will!

The fact that Invisalign aligners can be removed makes this orthodontic treatment a popular option. It is important to remember, however, that straight teeth come from consistency. Aligners must be worn 22 or more hours a day in order to achieve results within the estimated treatment time.

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Dr. Amir Awadalla

Dr. Amir Awadalla

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Dr. Mark Awadalla

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Dr. Ashraf Awadalla

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