Cost effectiveness of teeth crowns in Pickering aided by ongoing care

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Providing Cost Of Teeth Crown

Tooth crowns are restorations that are placed by your dentist when a tooth or teeth have sustained damage that extends beyond the typical cavity. Though a fine method of tooth repair, it is our hope to help our patients avoid this extent of care when possible. The Esquire Dental Centres team encourages our patients to visit us twice a year. With this frequency, we are best able to detect dental problems very early, before a great deal of damage can be done and the cost of repair increases. When a tooth or teeth requires crown treatment, patients from Pickering and surrounding areas can choose from a variety of materials to best suit their needs and budget.

During the planning process for crown treatment, there are several factors to take into consideration. Understandably, cost is important. Additionally, it is beneficial to consider the longevity of treatment when choosing the material for your dental crown. In back teeth, for instance, gold crowns are very discreet and this material has long been known for its incredible durability. Many people with gold crowns keep them for decades.

Whether made from gold or another material such as porcelain or even a metal alloy with a porcelain overlay, a crown will also gain longevity from ongoing care. When oral hygiene remains a high priority, this type of restoration can last upwards of twenty years. The goal is to brush and floss daily and keep up with regular professional care as needed. The dentists at Esquire Dental Centres evaluate the health of teeth and gums during routine care, but also examine restorations to ensure they are in good repair.

Taking care of restorations such as dental crowns is as important as taking care of natural teeth and gums. Just like natural teeth, a crown can sustain damage from biting on hard objects or can become worn down over time. Though the materials from which crowns are made will not develop cavities, it is possible for the soft tissue around a crown to become infected when oral hygiene is lacking.

We take pride in the outstanding care we provide to our patients. When more conservative forms of treatment are not sufficient for successful repair, we explain the details of crown treatment so that the choice for material can be made with confidence and the restoration can last as long as possible.

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