Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

How your teeth are shaped and positioned, and their colour and length all contribute to the overall look of the smile you see in the mirror, and contribute to how others see you. A large body of research has found that the appearance of a person’s smile affects the way others perceive him or her.

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When compared to people with crooked or stained teeth, those with white, evenly-spaced teeth are generally perceived to be:

  • More attractive
  • Younger
  • Healthier
  • More credible
  • Richer
  • More accomplished

Cosmetic dentistry can have a transformative effect on your life, as well as your smile. There is power in cosmetic dentistry procedures artfully administered by Esquire Dental Centres, some of which include:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Bonding
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Cosmetic orthodontic appliances like Invisalign
  • Tooth-coloured fillings
  • Indirect restorations or inlays
  • Partial crowns or onlays
  • Natural looking crowns
  • Modern tooth replacements such as dental implants

These procedures should be seen as investments in not only your smile, but also in the quality of your life. A number of costly problems that affect how your teeth function can be avoided down the road by treating issues that may be largely cosmetic now. Consider how crowding and other spacing issues make it difficult to floss in between teeth. Poor oral hygiene is a key predictor of tooth decay and dental disease.

Esquire Dental Centres will help you secure the insurance benefits that reduce the cost of treatments. However, the dental team also understands policies vary. Moreover, dental policies may cover only services deemed:

  • Preventive such as exams, professional cleanings
  • Basic such as fillings
  • Major such as crowns or caps

Cosmetic procedures may not be covered by your insurance policy. Every case is different and policies differ. Regardless of your coverage, Esquire Dental Centres provides many options to remove the cost barriers to cosmetic dentistry, including:

  • In-house zero interest financing for implant and orthodontic patients
  • MasterCard, American Express, Visa, and most major credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Bank drafts

Esquire Dental Centres works with you and within your budget. Don’t delay the treatment you’ve always wanted but never thought you could afford. The team is here to make your dream smile a reality.



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Dr. Amir Awadalla

Dr. Amir Awadalla

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Dr. Mark Awadalla

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Dr. Ashraf Awadalla

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