Cosmetic Services such as Orthodontics Can Enhance the Smile’s Appearance and Function

At Esquire Dental Centres, patients in Scarborough, North York, and Pickering, Ontario, can discuss the benefits of orthodontics with their dentist. These services are used to address cosmetic issues with the smile or malocclusion of the teeth. Drs. Mark, and Amir Awadalla believe in providing patients with orthodontic treatments as an alternative to other cosmetic services to achieve their dream smiles.

Cosmetic Orthodontic Treatments in Pickering Ontario Area

What Type of Orthodontic Treatments are Available at Esquire Dental Centres?

Drs. Mark, and Amir Awadalla of Esquire Dental Centres are excited to offer traditional braces and Invisalign aligner trays.

  • Traditional braces. Our team may recommend traditional braces for patients with more complex orthodontic needs. Traditional braces are also an ideal treatment for younger patients because they are very durable and can stand up to the everyday wear and tear of growing teeth. These are best for patients with severe malocclusion of the teeth who need more aggressive treatment. Treatment with conventional metal bracket-and-wire braces can take months or years, depending on the patient’s situation. Patients visit the dentist regularly to readjust the wires and monitor the transformation.
  • Invisalign aligners. We may recommend Invisalign for patients with mild to moderate orthodontic needs and looking for a more discreet treatment option. Invisalign aligners are clear, removable trays that gradually shift teeth into place. Patients wear these trays over the teeth for at least 22 hours a day to achieve realignment of the smile, addressing both esthetics and function of the smile. Most patients will use Invisalign for a year or less to achieve the desired results.

Which Orthodontic Service is Right for Me?

During a consultation and initial evaluation with our dentists, patients can work with their dentist to determine if they are a good fit for one over the other. We may decide one treatment is more suitable for a patient depending on their lifestyle and the severity of the misalignment. In some situations, where imperfections are minor, alternative solutions may be recommended.

Orthodontics Before & After Pictures

Cosmetic Orthodontic Before & After Result in Pickering Ontario Area

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What are Alternative Treatments to Orthodontics?

In situations where patients might have just a single crooked tooth or a gap between the front teeth, extensive treatment with orthodontic services may not be the best fit. Instead, these patients might want to ask about alternative cosmetic treatments that can provide a more immediate resolution to their concerns. Chips, cracks, and spaces between the teeth may be disguised using composite resin bonding, a material that looks like natural tooth enamel and can fill in these areas to achieve the desired results. Alternatively, patients might cover imperfect teeth with porcelain veneers, thin shells of ceramic that bond onto the front of a natural tooth to change the appearance. Both these treatments are also available at Esquire Dental Centres and may be considered as another option to achieve a beautiful finished look.

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