You may not need metal braces for straight teeth in Scarborough and surrounding areas

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Proving Braces For Straight Teeth

For most of the history of dentistry, the only way to correct misalignment has been with metal braces. At first, metal bands wrapped entirely around each individual tooth, with the archwire running through. As technology advanced, metal bands were fortunately replaced by metal brackets. Though more compact, metal brackets have their own drawbacks.

Many people shy away from getting braces. The two most common reasons that braces seem unappealing are their aesthetic and their comfort, or potential lack thereof. Covering the smile with metal for eighteen months or more can feel dissatisfying, even when you know the end result will be a great, beautiful smile. This is especially true for adults. Secondly, the corners of metal brackets can cause irritation or out and out discomfort should the lip or cheek get caught.

Once again, advances in technology have changed the face of orthodontic treatment. Today, many teens and adults may find that they do not need braces to get the straight teeth they desire. In our Scarborough, Pickering, and North York offices, we consult with patients about the option of Invisalign for smile correction.

Invisalign really can’t even be called braces, although the end result is the same. This method of teeth straightening does not have metal, nor brackets or wires. The Invisalign system is designed for discretion, convenience, and comfort and is made with aligner trays fabricated from BPA-free plastic.

It may seem unlikely that wearing trays over teeth that look much like a mouth guard or teeth whitening trays could produce a straighter smile, but this is exactly what our patients find with Invisalign. Using CAD-CAM imaging and computer simulation, aligners are made in a state-of-the-art laboratory to achieve progressive movement one day at a time.

Invisalign breaks the straightening process down into micro-movements using custom-fitted molds for each stage. Each mold, or aligner, is made in the shape of the next step. As such, teeth are gently encouraged into their predetermined spot. Over the course of twelve to twenty-four months, the target alignment is achieved. Throughout this time, there is no need to give up certain foods or to feel uncomfortable about the appearance of your smile.

There are many reasons for the popularity of Invisalign. Learn how your smile can be improved by calling one of our conveniently located offices.


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