Smile enhancement a painless process with teeth whitening from your Scarborough dentist

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When we have a bright, dazzling smile, we just tend to feel better about our appearance. In addition to boosting our own self-esteem, our smile brightens others’ days as well. For millions of people, teeth whitening is a great solution to bring new life back into the facial appearance. This treatment is most often a painless process. In some cases, however, teeth whitening can cause a bit of sensitivity. When treating patients in our Scarborough, North York, and Pickering offices, we discuss the potential for sensitivity and solutions to this problem. Why Teeth Whitening Treatment May Cause Sensitivity There are … Continue reading

Teeth whitening not always the best treatment for stain removal in Pickering

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We see more physical beauty today than we have throughout history. Men and women in modern society have solutions for just about every cosmetic concern, from fine lines and wrinkles to age spots to dull, discolored teeth. We have learned a lot about the importance of a healthy smile as well as the hygiene that can decrease the risk of dental disease. Brushing and flossing are beneficial to the appearance of the smile. For many of our patients, however, there comes a point at which teeth need a little extra TLC. When To Consider Teeth Whitening The simple fact of … Continue reading

The beauty of Invisalign orthodontics treatment in Pickering

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Many Esquire Dental Centres’ patients love the idea of straightening teeth with Invisalign. This innovative tray system has been widely used all around the world, and for good reason. The primary appeal of aligner orthodontic treatment is aesthetics. Adults especially are past the point in their lives when wearing metal braces is acceptable. In a time when image is vital to professional and social success, Invisalign offers immense benefit to those who wish to improve their smiles. Straight Teeth For A Healthy Smile The leading reason most people seek orthodontic treatment is aesthetics. Correcting misalignment, no matter how mild or … Continue reading

You may not need metal braces for straight teeth in Scarborough and surrounding areas

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For most of the history of dentistry, the only way to correct misalignment has been with metal braces. At first, metal bands wrapped entirely around each individual tooth, with the archwire running through. As technology advanced, metal bands were fortunately replaced by metal brackets. Though more compact, metal brackets have their own drawbacks. Many people shy away from getting braces. The two most common reasons that braces seem unappealing are their aesthetic and their comfort, or potential lack thereof. Covering the smile with metal for eighteen months or more can feel dissatisfying, even when you know the end result will … Continue reading

Do invisible braces in Pickering really work?

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Orthodontic treatment has evolved so much in the past few decades that now people of from age six to well past sixty have ways to improve the look and the health of their smile. One of the most significant developments in the area of orthodontics has been invisible braces. More specifically, Invisalign treatment has made it possible for patients from Pickering and other areas to face teeth straightening with a smile on their face. Invisalign is a treatment option that has taken off and not slowed down. This method of straightening teeth is based on proven orthodontic practices, but uses … Continue reading

Cosmetic dentistry has alternatives to braces for patients near Scarborough

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Misalignment is a problem that affects many people. There are adults who have never had the opportunity to straighten their teeth and those who may have felt as though it was better to live with a few crooked teeth than to sport a “tin grin” for a year or more. Orthodontic treatment can, in fact, put a damper on an adult’s image. In the area of cosmetic dentistry, however, braces may not be a necessary component to care. With the Esquire Dental Centres team, adults in and near Scarborough may find the alternatives very attractive. Invisalign More Than Clear Braces … Continue reading

Ten things you should know about Invisalign invisible aligners in Scarborough

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Are crooked teeth keeping you from displaying your best smile? Patients who are informed about the options available to them are more satisfied and also more empowered to handle their dental concerns quickly. Don’t just assume you must live with a crooked smile. Do your homework. With the various options available today, such as Invisalign removable aligners, Scarborough dentists are helping patients who had thought they were stuck in the smile they had. There are several notable points to Invisalign, including: Aligners made from thin, clear plastic are barely noticeable. Invisalign is more discreet than tooth colored brackets and wires … Continue reading

More than cosmetic aligners, Invisalign in Scarborough an easy process for an improved smile

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There is more to a straight smile than beauty. As many people are learning, the appearance of the smile alone has a lot to do with our general sense of wellbeing. A straight smile is attractive as well as healthy. If you want a more attractive, healthier smile, it is time to view Invisalign as more than cosmetic aligners. In our office in Scarborough, North York, or Pickering, you can quickly discover how easy it can be to achieve your oral health goals. Shortly after dentists started offering Invisalign treatment, this system became one of the most popular orthodontic methods … Continue reading

Invisalign from your North York dentist improves your appearance and oral health

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Providing Invisalign in North York

For millions of teens and adults, the process of correcting misalignment has become incredibly easy thanks to Invisalign. The team at Esquire Dental Centres is pleased to provide this innovative teeth straightening method as an alternative to metal braces. Invisalign is enormously appealing for several reasons, one of which is the ease of oral hygiene throughout the course of treatment. The difference between Invisalign and conventional orthodontic is the use of nearly invisible plastic aligner trays to move teeth. Designed using state-of-the-art software, Invisalign trays are made to fit around teeth with gentle pressure but also to be removable. Because … Continue reading

Weigh your options for dental braces in Scarborough

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A great smile can take you far in life, but crooked teeth may be preventing you from being your most confident self at work and at play. The dentists at Esquire Dental Centres are ready to help Scarborough residents evaluate their options and achieve the smile they’ve always wanted. Crooked smiles can be fixed at almost any age. Orthodontic treatment, which consists of dental braces and retainers, is available for patients as young as eight years old to straighten teeth and correct the bite. Adults now have more options than ever to align their teeth, from traditional braces to newer, … Continue reading