Emergency dental care when you need it in Pickering, ON

Emergency Dental Care in Pickering Area

Dental emergencies can strike at any time. While you can’t foresee when they will happen, you can prepare in advance so you have a plan in place if and when they do occur. The first step is having the number of a trusted emergency dentist on hand so you know who to call when the need arises. At Esquire Dental Centres, we offer emergency dental care at our three convenient locations in Pickering, Scarborough, and North York, ON to help get you out of pain rapidly and back to your normal life. In addition, we provide preventive dental care services … Continue reading

Straighten your smile discreetly with braces for adults in North York

Braces for Adults in North York area

Your smile is often the first thing noticed when you meet new people. If you are embarrassed by your smile because of crooked teeth or gaps, it could give off the wrong impression. Still, many adults are hesitant to spend years wearing braces. Luckily, traditional metal braces are no longer the only option for straightening teeth effectively. Invisalign is an alternative to braces for adults who wish to discreetly straighten their smile. This dental treatment offered to patients of Esquire Dental Centers in North York, will ensure that you are flashing a beautiful smile in no time. Invisalign Treatment Explained … Continue reading

Get a Vibrant, Bright Smile with teeth whitening services in Scarborough, ON

Teeth Whitening Services in Scarborough, ON area

Did you know teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry services among adults in Ontario? There’s good reason for that. Your smile is often the first physical attribute noticed by others. It plays a major role in first impressions and can impact your chance for success both socially and professionally. Professional teeth whitening is widely loved among our patients at Esquire Dental Centres in Scarborough, ON because it’s effective, and affordable. We offer several different options for teeth whitening that allows you to achieve dramatic results. Benefits of teeth whitening Feel Confident Perhaps the biggest reason that … Continue reading

Invisalign is a discreet orthodontic service available for adults in North York

Orthodontic Services for Adults in North York area

Have you always wished you could have a straighter smile, but thought that the window of opportunity had passed? Imagine that your wish could become a reality without having to wear traditional braces. At Esquire Dental Centres in North York, we offer orthodontic services such as Invisalign for our adult patients. Invisalign gives you a beautiful, straight smile while at the same time being discreet and easy to use. After undergoing Invisalign treatment, you’ll be left with an attractive, more youthful looking smile. Call Esquire Dental Centres today at 416 223-7869 to learn more. The Magic of Invisalign Treatment for … Continue reading

What is the process of porcelain veneers treatment for North York, ON area patients?

dental veneers

At Esquire Dental Centres in North York, ON, Drs. Ashraf, Mark, and Amir Awadalla are committed to offering patients solutions to improve the appearance of their smiles. When imperfections affect the anterior, or front, teeth, porcelain veneers is a popular treatment considered by men and women for enhancing their look. Explaining the process of placing veneers allows patients to fully understand the procedure and find out how it can provide an amazing, confidence-building result! Porcelain veneers explained When patients in the North York, ON area are seeking a treatment for an imperfect smile, they are often unsure as to what … Continue reading

Scarborough area dentist offers several methods of professional teeth whitening

smiley teeth

Dull, discolored teeth can negatively impact a smile. This causes Scarborough, ON area patients to feel self-conscious about how they look when they speak, laugh, and smile at others. Instead of feeling embarrassed by the appearance of the teeth, our team at Esquire Dental Centres encourages patients to book an appointment to learn about the advantages of using one of several methods of teeth whitening with a dentist who cares! Teeth whitening explained Teeth whitening is the bleaching of a patient’s natural tooth enamel to achieve a brighter smile. Thanks to improvements in professional whitening products and services, patients can … Continue reading

Dentist in North York, ON describes the advantages of dental implants over dentures and bridges

dental implants

The replacement of missing teeth is a serious decision that needs to be made as soon as a tooth is lost. This eliminates the chance of the existing teeth shifting out of place. Drs. Ashraf, Mark, and Amir Awadalla of Esquire Dental Centres in the areas of Scarborough, Pickering, and North York, ON are here to help patients understand the advantages of placing permanent solutions – dental implants versus partial dentures and dental bridges. What are dental implants? The dentists of Esquire Dental Centres describe dental implants as titanium posts that are placed into the bone of the jaw to … Continue reading

Dentist in Pickering, ON offers emergency dental services

man with jaw pain

Many patients in Pickering, ON think about visiting the dentist every six months for their cleaning and evaluation. However, there are times between these routine appointments when patients may need dental solutions. Emergency dental services is just one of many services provided by our team of professionals at Esquire Dental Centres. What is a dental emergency? Drs. Ashraf, Mark, and Amir Awadalla are dentists at Esquire Dental Centres who have been faced with many dental situations over the years. Every dental visit is different. When patients are experiencing a condition or problem with the smile that needs immediate attention, they … Continue reading

Dentist in Scarborough proudly offers children’s dentistry and orthodontic services for pediatric patients

Young girl with braces

Drs. Ashraf, Mark, and Amir Awadalla of Esquire Dental Centres in Scarborough ON believe in providing dentistry for patients of all ages. Whether you are looking for a dentist for yourself or a dentist for your children, this practice covers it all! Our team offers children’s dentistry and orthodontics for pediatric patients, ensuring everyone has access to quality, comprehensive dental care for beautiful, healthy smiles! What services are available in children’s dentistry and orthodontics? The Esquire Dental Centres in Scarborough ON and beyond provide a wide selection of services for children to enjoy in their dental practice. Below is just … Continue reading

How to fix discolored teeth using professional whitening services from Scarborough dentist

Dentists at Esquire Dental Centres explains how to fix discolored teeth using professional whitening services

Patients in Scarborough ON asking how to fix discolored teeth are welcome to book an appointment with the team at Esquire Dental Centres to learn about the advantages of professional whitening services available with Drs. Ashraf, Mark, and Amir Awadalla. Dentist-led teeth whitening services While there is a wide selection of whitening products available on the market in the local drugstore aisles, many of these solutions are not nearly as strong and dependable as those available in the local dental practice. Drs. Ashraf, Mark, and Amir Awadalla of Esquire Dental Centres are here to provide results that meet your expectations. … Continue reading