Revive your Smile with Natural-looking Dental Crowns

Cosmetic Dental Crowns in Scarborough ON Area

Dental crowns are tiny yet powerful dental appliances that restore the appearance and function of your teeth. Dental crowns can even save a badly damaged tooth that you may think is hopeless. Moreover, our dental team at Esquire Dental Centres can cosmetically improve your teeth with dental crowns.  As you can see, dental crowns do a lot of “heavy lifting” in dentistry. If you want to see what dental crowns can do for your smile in Scarborough, Ontario, please schedule an appointment with our dental team today. The dental crown procedure Dental crowns require at least two dental appointments, with … Continue reading

Infected Tooth? Eliminate Pain and Discomfort with Root Canal Therapy

Root Infection Treatment in Scarborough ON Area

If you forgo dental care due to your busy schedule, you run the risk of cavities. You may wake up one morning with severe pain due to decay. Left unchecked, decay can spread to the inner layers of your tooth, infecting the nerves, connective tissues and roots. At this stage, root canal therapy is your only recourse for saving your tooth. Through root canal treatment, Drs. Amir Awadalla and Mark Awadalla can eliminate your infection to ease your pain. Esquire Dental Centres in Scarborough, Ontario, is your endodontic clinic near me for root infection treatment. How Root Canals Work Root … Continue reading

Dental Implant Pain, What’s Typical & When to Get Help

How Painful is Dental Implant Procedure in Scarborough ON Area

Dental implants are the closest thing you will get to your natural teeth. Dental implant restorations are structurally designed to mimic your natural tooth from the crown to the root. Once a dental implant is in place, it feels, acts, and performs like the tooth you just lost. Installing a dental implant involves a surgical procedure to install a titanium screw-like post into your jawbone. Any surgery will likely cause a bundle of nerves, and you might want to know whether the dental implant treatment is painful. What is normal, and when should you inform your dentist? If curious, keep … Continue reading

Invisalign Orthodontics, For Healthier Teeth and a Beautiful Smile

Invisalign Teeth Straightening in Scarborough ON Area

Take heart if you’re troubled by crooked, misaligned or overlapping teeth! You’re not alone. Many people have similar problems with their teeth. Fortunately, these problems can be remedied through Invisalign orthodontics. Invisalign makes use of clear plastic aligners to straighten your teeth, making your treatment more comfortable and inconspicuous. You can learn more about Invisalign teeth straightening treatment from Drs. Amir Awadalla and Mark Awadalla at Esquire Dental Centre in Scarborough, Ontario. The Aesthetic Difference Invisalign teeth straightening treatment can make a marked difference in the aesthetic appearance of your teeth. In place of crooked, misaligned, or gapped teeth, you … Continue reading

What is the Treatment for Early Gingivitis?

Early Gingivitis Treatment in Scarborough ON Area

Keeping the smile healthy requires more than just a visit to the dentist every six months. At Esquire Dental Centres, we educate patients on how home care and preventative services can prevent severe conditions from developing. One condition that can be extremely devastating to the smile is periodontal disease. The earliest stage, called gingivitis, is reversible, though the later stages are not. If you have been diagnosed with gingivitis by our team, finding treatment that suits you is strongly recommended by Drs. Amir Awadalla, and Mark Awadalla of the North York area. What is the Recommended Treatment for Early Gingivitis? … Continue reading

Affordable Braces Using Orthodontic Aligners for a More Discreet Solution

Affordable Braces for Adults in Scarborough ON Area

Straightening teeth is more than just a cosmetic solution to an imperfect smile. Straighter teeth are easier to clean and ensure proper wear and tear, as improper alignment of the teeth can cause breakage or wearing of the natural tooth enamel. At Esquire Dental Centres, our professionals in North York work with patients to help them understand the options available. While traditional metal bracket-and-wire braces have been used for decades to straighten teeth, patients now have alternatives they can consider. This includes orthodontic aligners, which allow patients to straighten their teeth with a practically invisible solution. At Esquire Dental Centers, … Continue reading

Emergency Dental Care Resolves Pain and Restores Healthy Smiles

How to Handle Dental Emergencies Near Me in Scarborough ON

If you have ever experienced a dental emergency, you know how it can be upsetting and even frightening, especially when you don’t know where to find help. Unfortunately, dental emergencies strike when you least expect them. However, with a bit of planning, you can handle a dental emergency much better, saving your tooth, preventing infection, and minimizing the need for extensive treatment. So, whom do you call when you have a dental emergency? Most people might think it’s 911, but if you want optimal dental care, contact an emergency dentist. And if you are in Scarborough, Ontario, please reach out … Continue reading

What Seniors Should Know about Dental Implant Restorations

Dental Implants for Seniors Near Me In Scarborough ON

The older you get, the greater your chances of losing natural teeth to decay, wear and tear or gum disease. Whether you’re missing one tooth, several or all of them, it’s worth your while to consider implants to restore your smile. Dental implants can be just as effective for seniors as anyone else when replacing lost teeth. Learn more about dental implant restoration from Drs. Ashraf Awadalla, Amir Awadalla and Mark Awadalla, at Esquire Dental Centres, Scarborough, Ontario. What You Should Know About Dental Implants  Dental implants offer a permanent solution to replace missing teeth. The first step to this … Continue reading

Cosmetic Services such as Orthodontics Can Enhance the Smile’s Appearance and Function

Cosmetic Orthodontic Treatments in Pickering Ontario Area

At Esquire Dental Centres, patients in Scarborough, North York, and Pickering, Ontario, can discuss the benefits of orthodontics with their dentist. These services are used to address cosmetic issues with the smile or malocclusion of the teeth. Drs. Mark, and Amir Awadalla believe in providing patients with orthodontic treatments as an alternative to other cosmetic services to achieve their dream smiles. What Type of Orthodontic Treatments are Available at Esquire Dental Centres? Drs. Mark, and Amir Awadalla of Esquire Dental Centres are excited to offer traditional braces and Invisalign aligner trays. Traditional braces. Our team may recommend traditional braces for … Continue reading

Fix imperfections in your smile with Cosmetic Dentistry services

Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Pickering Ontario Area

Not long ago, patients had limited options when it came to rejuvenating their smiles as dental treatments used to be limited to invasive and time-consuming procedures. Fast-forward to today, there are now numerous painless cosmetic procedures available to transform your smile. At Esquire Dental Centres in Pickering, Ontario, we always keep up with the latest cosmetic dental innovations to meet our patient’s aesthetic demands. How cosmetic dentistry benefits your smile As you would imagine, no smile is similar to another. That said, cosmetic dentistry deploys a comprehensive approach to meet the unique demands of each smile. At Esquire Dental Centres, … Continue reading