Achieve your best smile with dental care involving porcelain veneers in North York

Dr. Amir Awadalla at Esquire Dental Center, Providing Best Dental Porcelain Veneers

Today’s dental patients have numerous options when it comes to improving their smile. Serving the Greater Toronto area, the Esquire Dental Centres team is committed to the use of the highest quality materials and latest techniques proven to achieve the most natural results.

One of the best ways to improve the smile is with professional dental care designed around specific needs and expectations. Using beautiful porcelain veneers, our team has enhanced smiles in North York, Scarborough, Pickering, and beyond.

Porcelain veneers have consistently gained fans as more people experience first-hand the many benefits that come from this simple, convenient dental treatment. Veneers are extremely versatile, making them ideal for a number of situations. Using veneers, we are able to close gaps between teeth, brighten the smile, even out the smile line, and disguise mild misalignment. These goals are achievable with different types of veneers. We place a great deal of importance on achieving goals while retaining the most natural appearance, which is one of the reasons we have chosen to treat our patients with porcelain as opposed to composite resin.

Composite resin is a wonderful material for certain types of treatment. This material, a combination of glass and resin, is ideal for tooth repair when a cavity has developed. Composites are mouldable and allow the dentist to perfectly shape a filling or tooth for strength as well as fit against the opposing tooth. Composite resin may also be used strictly for cosmetic effect, disguising small imperfections or damage such as a chip or crack. Sometimes, composite resin, referred to as dental bonding, will be used to cover exposed root surfaces in the event of gum recession. Convenient and affordable, composites can be completed in a single visit. These benefits of dental bonding are very nice, but do not measure up to the beauty of porcelain when it comes to a smile makeover.

The smile is one of our most unique features. It plays a role not only in our appearance but in our general sense of self-esteem. Placing porcelain veneers onto a discoloured, damaged, or turned tooth can make an enormous difference in the appearance of the entire smile. Porcelain, though durable, provides the delicate characteristics such as the reflection of light and opalescence that we expect to see in natural enamel.

Perfect your smile with porcelain veneers at Esquire Dental Centres. Call the office nearest you today for your consultation.


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