The beauty of tooth replacement with dental implants in North York

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The loss of a permanent tooth or teeth is no small matter. Our oral structure is designed to operate with a full set of upper and lower teeth. We primarily view our teeth as necessary for chewing, which is correct. When teeth are not fully functional, the way we chew our food may be affected, leading to digestive troubles. Our teeth are the most important part of our smile and overall facial appearance, plumping the cheeks and the lips for healthy facial harmony. When we are lacking the appropriate number of teeth, everything from our appearance to our oral health … Continue reading

Your dentist in Scarborough can solve the problems of missing teeth

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A Variety Of Problems Can Occur From Missing Teeth When we smile, it not only has a positive effect on our mood but also on those around us. The better we feel about our smile, the more we will feel like smiling. On the contrary, gaps in the smile due to missing teeth can certainly stifle that natural instinct. On top of affecting our confidence, missing teeth can cause difficulties when we chew or speak. Cosmetically, a missing tooth or teeth can lead to shifting in surrounding teeth that eventually impacts the whole smile. If teeth become misaligned due to … Continue reading

Regain your confidence when you work with your Scarborough ON implants dentist for tooth replacement

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Tooth loss has an enormous impact on your appearance, your level of confidence, and on your oral health. If even a single tooth is lost or must be removed, we work quickly to find the most suitable replacement. Today, one of the best options patients in Scarborough ON have is dental implants. To consult with an experienced dentist in this area or in Pickering or North York, contact Esquire Dental Centres. Historically, tooth replacement treatments have focused on restoring form and function by replacing missing tooth structure. Bridges and dentures have been extremely useful, and are in some cases still … Continue reading

Scarborough patients ask, “What is the benefit of Dental implants”

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Missing teeth can wreck your confidence and self-esteem, causing you to hide a less-than-ideal smile. Missing teeth not only affect appearance, but also your bite, what you eat, and your speech. Dental implants offered at Esquire Dental Centres make it easier for Scarborough residents to improve their smiles and overall oral health. You can lose one or more teeth to decay, gum disease, or injury. At one time, the only option was to pull damaged teeth and replace them with bridges or dentures. Today, dental implants offer a more comfortable, stable, longer-lasting option for patients. A natural tooth is made … Continue reading

Your smile can be truly transformed with same day dental implants in Scarborough

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If you’ve ever considered dental implants as a permanent option for tooth replacement, you know that traditionally they involve a long treatment process. Dental implants typically require multiple procedures over the course of many months before you can enjoy the results. What if we told you that you could cut out the multiple appointments and receive your brand-new smile in just one day? Advancements in dental technology have allowed us to make same day dental implants a reality for many of our Scarborough area patients. What Are Same Day Dental Implants? Same day dental implants are done with the “all-on-four” … Continue reading

Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant is affordable in Scarborough

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In the past, people who were missing teeth didn’t have many options. Dentures or bridges were the two main options. Luckily, modern dentistry has evolved and dental implants have emerged as a beautiful, strong, and affordable way to replace missing teeth. If you are in the Scarborough area, and are considering a dental implant, the team at Esquire Dental Centres would love to discuss your options with you. Why Choose Dental Implants? If you need to replace one or more missing teeth with something you can rely on If you have lost confidence in smiling due to missing teeth If … Continue reading