Cost and other factors of dental implants to discuss with your Scarborough dentist

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We are proud to provide a full spectrum of dental care, including the latest in tooth replacement. Tooth loss can have a major impact on the smile, speech, chewing, and on oral health. Consequently, so can the prosthetic that is selected for replacement. In addition to discussing the initial cost of dental implants with patients who visit us in Scarborough, North York, or Pickering, we also talk about the long-term benefits of this level of care. With dental implants, it is possible to replace just one tooth or to manage oral health and functionality when no natural teeth remain. Implants … Continue reading

Some of the best advantages of tooth replacement come from dental implants in our Scarborough office

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Permanent teeth, by their very name, should last us our lifetime. This is not the case for many adults, however, as surveys show many have lost at least one permanent tooth by the age of forty. The longevity of our teeth is determined by a number of factors, ranging from injury to disease. Whatever the underlying cause of tooth loss, your dentist at Esquire Dental Centres is dedicated to helping you rediscover your best smile through individualized treatment.                                   Before & After Pictures   Today, dental implants are … Continue reading

Your best smile is restored with dental implants treatment with your dentist in Pickering, ON

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Losing a permanent tooth can be very distressing. If one or more teeth have been lost or extracted, the focus turns to replacement. Missing teeth not only affect the way you look, but also the efficiency of your chewing and speech, and even your level of oral health in general. There are now several options from which to choose when a tooth or teeth need to be replaced. We believe that our patients deserve the very best results, which is why we encourage dental implants treatment in our offices in Pickering, Scarborough, and North York, ON. Some of the most … Continue reading

Tooth replacement can be a painless process with dental implants from your Scarborough dentist

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The lack of teeth in the smile can make you look many years older than your true age. Missing teeth may be perceived as a lack of health and wellbeing, and may even give the wrong impression of your true character. Yet, for millions of people, missing teeth are an ongoing dilemma. Although the field of dentistry has continually evolved through the decades, there is still an alarming lack of knowledge regarding the various solutions to tooth loss. Many people instinctively choose to undergo treatment with conventional procedures such as partial or full dentures simply because these options have been … Continue reading

Why would I want All on 4 implants near me in Scarborough?

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Tooth loss presents concerns that extend far beyond the look of the smile. Of course, the smile can be greatly impacted when teeth are missing. At the same time, the need for tooth replacement also involves the restoration of function and the preservation of oral health as a whole. At Esquire Dental Centres, patients have options for how they can replace missing teeth. We give priority to individual needs, ensuring that the result from treatment is optimal. What Happens After Tooth Loss? The loss of a tooth or teeth is just the beginning of the overall problem. Aside from the … Continue reading

All on 4 implants a great solution for North York patients needing denture stabilization

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There is more to tooth loss than the gap that is left in the smile. In fact, a domino effect occurs if even one tooth is lost. For the adult who has needed to have remaining natural teeth extracted, the effects are compounded. Of course the immediate concern with tooth loss is the smile. Then there is the issue of chewing function. The total effect of tooth loss may take several months if not years to realize. When teeth are lost their roots are lost as well. Because we do not see our teeth roots every day, we can forget … Continue reading

I have dentures, what is the point of looking for dental implants near me in Scarborough, ON?

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Tooth replacement has been, for more than a century, consistent in design and capabilities. Men and women who faced the loss or extraction of remaining teeth have been fitted with customized denture appliances, worn on the upper and lower arches. Dentures, as most know, sit on top of the gums. Though they are designed to fit snugly around gums and underlying bone, dentures often require refitting over years of use. When a denture does not fit snugly, as often occurs, the appliance can rub against the gums or may even slip or fall out. The instability of ill-fitting dentures can … Continue reading

Dental implant restoration helps individuals from Pickering and surrounding areas restore function and health

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Smiling is something that we do naturally, something that gives us and those around us joy. The experience of smiling can be significantly altered, however, when a tooth or teeth are missing. Gaps in the smile are not only a cosmetic concern. This seeming cosmetic issue can also lead to challenges with eating and speaking comfortably and clearly. Depending on the degree of space created by a missing tooth or teeth, further issues such as misalignment may also occur. A progressive and often overlooked problem associated with tooth loss is how the absence of teeth affects the bone in the … Continue reading

The beauty of tooth replacement with dental implants in North York

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The loss of a permanent tooth or teeth is no small matter. Our oral structure is designed to operate with a full set of upper and lower teeth. We primarily view our teeth as necessary for chewing, which is correct. When teeth are not fully functional, the way we chew our food may be affected, leading to digestive troubles. Our teeth are the most important part of our smile and overall facial appearance, plumping the cheeks and the lips for healthy facial harmony. When we are lacking the appropriate number of teeth, everything from our appearance to our oral health … Continue reading

Your dentist in Scarborough can solve the problems of missing teeth

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A Variety Of Problems Can Occur From Missing Teeth When we smile, it not only has a positive effect on our mood but also on those around us. The better we feel about our smile, the more we will feel like smiling. On the contrary, gaps in the smile due to missing teeth can certainly stifle that natural instinct. On top of affecting our confidence, missing teeth can cause difficulties when we chew or speak. Cosmetically, a missing tooth or teeth can lead to shifting in surrounding teeth that eventually impacts the whole smile. If teeth become misaligned due to … Continue reading